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Delicious easy and giant Smartie NYC Cookies with a vanilla cookie dough, and stuffed full of Smarties!

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (1)

Ohhhh yes that is correct… SMARTIE NYC COOKIES! I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful recipe and yes I devoured the whole batch… they are heavenly and I adore them.


So I have often neglected smarties when it comes to the baking world, and I know I do need to fix this error. Sorry smartie lovers, I know you’ve had to wait a while… but here you go!

Obviously, you can switch for M&Ms, but this is a smartie cookie recipe. Smarties can be a risk compared to other chocolates sometimes as if they bake for too long they can lose the colour, but as you can see – as these cookies don’t bake for too long, the colours stayed vibrant and lovely.

I used 400g of smarties and no chocolate chips for these cookies, which if quite a lot of smarties, so you can use less. I just love how bright and colourful smarties are, and here you go with the best smartie cookie that exists… my smartie NYC Cookies!

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (2)

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (3)

NYC Cookies

My NYC Cookies are by far some of the most popular bakes on my blog, and I can never keep up with how many of you are baking them and wanting more and more flavours.. do here you go!

NYC Cookies are basically giant cookies that are shocked into place into a chunky size, so that there is a slightly softer centre and are gooey, perfect and amazing. They obviously originate from New York, but these are just my version of a recipe so you can make them at home.

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (4)

Cookie Dough

So the cookie dough for these Smartie NYC Cookies is the same as all the others… and can you really blame me?! It’s the best cookie dough out there!

  • Butter – Whether its baking spread, butter, or a margarine – they all work for these cookies. I use fridge cold baking spread, or room temp block butter.
  • Sugar – I used just light brown soft sugar to help the flavour – but you can use a mix or white granulated and light brown sugar.
  • Egg – I tend to use medium eggs in my bakes, but you can use one large egg instead of.
  • Vanilla – Optional, but adds a delicious flavour.
  • Flour – Always use plain flour in your cookies!! You don’t want self raising flour as it will create a cake like cookie. I do also use cornflour as it adds a nice texture, but you can remove it and add 25g more flour.
  • Raising agents – For these, I use bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. Bicarb is a classic addition as the raising agent for cookies, and baking powder helps create the texture you are after in a New York style cookie
  • Salt – I always add sea salt to my cookies because it’s delicious, but you can definitely leave it out, or use salted butter

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (5)

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (6)


So one important part of making a NYC Cookie, is chilling the dough. Chilling cookie dough is a classic part of cookie baking, as it prevents them spreading to a pancake.

Sometimes I get questions about why some of my cookies don’t require chilling, but they aren’t nyc style cookies. I purposely write different recipes for different end results, but for these you do need to chill them. I say the minimum is 60 minutes in the fridge, or 30 minutes in the freezer.

The cookie dough will last in the fridge for 48 hours though, but any longer than a day and I tend to freeze the dough – it can freeze for 3 months and you bake straight from frozen.

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These cookies are big, so I tend to only put four on a tray. Because a batch tends to only make 8 cookies anyway, it works wonderfully well. Please don’t squidge too many onto a tray as it may make them merge.

The oven is quite hot in these NYC Cookie recipes as the hotter temperature helps shock the cookies into place, but if you find the cookies really brown too quickly that is because the oven is too hot. I usually bake at 180ºc in a fan oven.

If you find the colours of your smarties have drained, the oven temp may have been slightly too hot (ovens vary more than you think) so it would need turning down in the future, but don’t worry, they will taste great still.

When finished baking, they will be VERY soft still, but this is NORMAL. You MUST let the cookies cool on their trays for 30 minutes as they will continue to bake whilst cooling – don’t worry, they aren’t undercooked when they come out of the oven.

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (8)

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (9)

Tips & Tricks

One thing about NYC Cookies is that they are huge… but this is what makes them NYC style! They are 120g of heaven. However, if you want to use the recipe to make regular size cookies (can’t call them NYC if you make them smaller…!), then you can make them 60g each, and bake for 8-9 minutes.

If you want to make the dough chocolate flavoured you can remove 50g of plain flour and add 35g cocoa powder in instead – cocoa powder is more drying so you don’t need as much.

The cookies are best warm and fresh, but last 4-5+ days once made. Or, the dough can freeze for 3+ months.

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (10)

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (11)

Smartie NYC Cookies! - Jane's Patisserie (12)

Smartie NYC Cookies!

Delicious easy and giant Smartie NYC Cookies with a vanilla cookie dough, and stuffed full of Smarties!


Category: Cookies

Type: Cookies

Keyword: chocolate chip, smarties

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Chilling Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Servings: 8 Cookies

Author: Jane's Patisserie



  • 125 g unsalted butter/baking spread
  • 175 g light brown sugar
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 300 g plain flour
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 1 + 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 400 g smarties

Grams - Ounces


  • Add the butter and sugar to a bowl and beat until creamy

  • Add in the egg and vanilla and beat again.

  • Add in the plain flour, cornflour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and salt and beat until a cookie dough is formed!

  • Add in the smarties and beat until distributed well

  • Weigh your cookies out into eight cookie dough balls - they're about 120g each

  • Once they're rolled into balls, put your cookie dough in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, or in the fridge for an hour or so!

  • Whilst the cookie dough is chilling, preheat your oven to 180ºc fan, or 200ºc regular

  • Take your cookies out of the freezer/fridge and put onto a lined baking tray. I put four cookies per tray!

  • Bake the cookies in the oven for 11-13 minutes.

  • Let the cookies cool on the trays for at least 30 minutes, as they will continue to bake whilst cooling!


  • These are best eaten on the day of baking, but can be revived by microwaving for 15-30 seconds, or putting into a hot oven for 2-3 minutes!
  • Once baked, these will last for 4-5+ days
  • These can freeze raw before baking for 3+ months, just add 1-2 minutes baking time.
  • Baked cookies can also freeze for 3+ months.
  • You can substitute some of the smarties for chocolate chips, or you can use M&Ms instead.


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How do you know when NYC cookies are done? ›

How Do You Know When New York Cookies Are Done? NYC cookies are done when the bottom is golden and the edges start to turn golden brown. The cookies only need to bake for 14 minutes as they are meant to be gooey inside.

Should you chill cookie dough before baking? ›

Chilling cookie dough controls spread.

Chilling cookie dough before baking solidifies the fat in the cookies. As the cookies bake, the fat in the chilled cookie dough takes longer to melt than room-temperature fat. And the longer the fat remains solid, the less cookies spread.

How long can cookie dough last in the fridge? ›

Homemade cookie dough should be stored in small containers in the refrigerator for two to four days or freeze for two months. Alternatively, small quantities of dough can be frozen and thawed in the refrigerator as needed.

How long can you freeze cookie dough? ›

Once the batch is completely frozen, transfer the dough balls into a freezer bag or other airtight container, label the container with the type of cookie and the date you made the dough and stash it in the freezer. The cookie dough freezes well for up to 4 months.

How do you know when cookies are cooked enough? ›

Keeping them on the sheet too long after baking can cause them to get hard or stick to the sheet. Cookies are done when they are firmly set and lightly browned. When you touch them lightly with your finger, almost no imprint will remain.

How do you know when cookies are ready to come out? ›

Open up the oven, pull out the rack a bit, and push the sides of the cookie very lightly with a spatula or your finger. If the edge stays firm and doesn't fall inwards, then your cookies are done. If you leave a noticeable indentation, then your cookies likely need a few minutes more in the oven.

Is it OK to leave cookie dough in the fridge for a week? ›

According to Better Home & Gardens, any cookie dough — with the exception of meringue and cookie bar batters — can be kept for up to a week if stored in an airtight container. For easier baking later, pre-scoop the batter or shape the dough into a log before tossing it in the fridge.

Can you keep cookie dough in the fridge for 2 weeks? ›

You will only get about three to five days fridge life with homemade cookie dough, but if you freeze it, the dough can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

What happens if you refrigerate cookie dough too long? ›

Cookie dough can stay fresh in the refrigerator for five days. It's best to bake and eat on the first day and will get drier the longer it stays in the fridge, and this will result in crumbly and dry cookies after too long.

Can you freeze cookies in Ziploc bags? ›

After baking, allow cookies to cool completely. Place them in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet to freeze them, then store them in a freezer-safe zip-top storage bag labeled with the name and date. Squeeze out extra air and place flat in the freezer. To save space, you can flat-stack freezer bags.

Is it better to freeze cookies or freeze the dough? ›

In most cases, I prefer to freeze cookie dough over freezing baked cookies. That way, you still get the nice homemade smell and softness of the cookies when they come out of the oven. But if you want to get the whole job done, you can certainly bake the cookies, then freeze them later.

What happens if you put cookie dough in the freezer instead of the refrigerator? ›

The taste will remain, but the cookies will not spread as large. If you want the spread to be the same, we recommend thawing the dough for 24 hours in the fridge. Some cookie doughs just don't freeze well. These are doughs that rely on egg whites rather than butter for volume and texture in the cookie.

Are you supposed to flatten the cookie dough before you put it in the oven? ›

The recipe calls for flattening the dough.

If you're not directed to flatten the dough before baking it means it's soft enough to spread on its own, and the cookies won't hold an imprint.

What rack do you bake cookies on? ›

Cookies should be baked on the center oven rack for even heating and air circulation. As a best practice, is it recommended to rotate the cookie sheet or sheets roughly halfway, or shortly thereafter, through the baking time, if needed.

Why are my chocolate chip cookies flat and greasy? ›

If you use too much butter, the cookies will end up flat and greasy. And if you use too little flour, the amount of butter and sugar will be proportionally too high, meaning the cookies will spread for the aforementioned reasons.

Is it better to bake cookies at higher or lower temperature? ›

A lower temperature will require more cooking time and will ultimately result in a thinner, crisper chocolate chip cookie. For those ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookies, 375 degrees Fahrenheit is your sweet spot.

What is the toothpick test for cookies? ›

For the vast majority of baked goods, we want a toothpick inserted in the center to come out clean, indicating that the crumb is fully set and no excess moisture remains. This ensures that the item will slice neatly and hold together when cool.

Do cookies cook faster on top or bottom? ›

Choose the oven's middle rack when baking cookies

Most ovens heat from the bottom, according to Taste of Home, therefore, any cookies placed on the bottom rack are apt to burn before they're cooked through, and any placed on the top rack will bake slowly and unevenly.

Should cookies be hard or soft when they come out? ›

A Tender Center

After about 10 minutes, the cookies should be golden brown around the edges but still soft in the centers. The cookies will continue to cook a bit on the hot cookie sheet if you leave them there for one or two minutes before transfering them to a cooling rack.

How long should cookies rest before baking? ›

Let it sit for long enough—the famous Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie, published in the New York Times, mandates a rest of at least 24 hours and up to 72—and the starches and proteins in the flour begin to break down, leading to more browning and caramelization.

How long should cookies sit out after baking? ›

Curious how long cookies last at room temperature? Most homemade cookies will maintain their taste and texture for up to 3 days. If you leave them out for too long, the cookies begin to harden or dry out. To prevent cookies from becoming stale, cover them with plastic wrap or keep in an airtight container.

Why do you have to refrigerate cookie dough for 24 hours? ›

Popping your dough in the fridge allows the fats to cool. As a result, the cookies will expand more slowly, holding onto their texture. If you skip the chilling step, you're more likely to wind up with flat, sad disks instead of lovely, chewy cookies. Cookies made from chilled dough are also much more flavorful.

Why do you rest cookie dough? ›

Resting your dough in the refrigerator will almost always yield better results. But why? Chilling your cookie dough in the refrigerator after mixing it allows the flour to hydrate and gives the other ingredients time to blend, resulting in a richer, more well-rounded flavor profile.

Do you put cookies in the fridge after baking? ›

Unless otherwise noted, don't store cookies in the refrigerator: The cool air can rob cookies of their moisture and make them taste bland. In general, store cookies at room temperature or freeze them, as specified above.

Can you eat 2 day old cookie dough? ›

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to eat cookie dough after its expiration date. However, in most cases, it is still safe to eat within a few days as long as it is stored properly. Cookie dough can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator, or up to six months in the freezer.

How do you revive cookie dough from the fridge? ›

If you have kept your dough in the refrigerator and you find that it has developed a dry texture you will need to add more liquid. Add a teaspoon of water or milk and mix. I would recommend mixing with your hands to avoid overmixing the dough.

How do you defrost refrigerated cookie dough? ›

Thaw Before Baking Method: Thaw the dough in the refrigerator for a few hours, or at room temperature about 1 hour before baking as directed in your cookie recipe. You don't need to adjust the bake time or temperature for thawed cookie dough.

How do bakeries keep cookies fresh? ›

To extend the shelf life of products, many bakers use specially formulated enzymes for preservation. These naturally occurring protein compounds can keep baked goods soft while preventing crumbling and staling.

What is the best container to freeze cookies in? ›

Your best choices are airtight containers (plastic or glass) because they protect the cookies from breaking. Choose shallow, square or rectangular containers with flat bottoms. (Rounded bottoms cause cookies to bend.) Place waxed paper or parchment paper in between layers.

What cookies do not freeze well? ›

The basic rule is that cookies with a liquidy batter don't hold up well in the freezer — these are usually thin, delicate cookies like tuiles, florentines and pizzelles. Very cakey “cookies” like madeleines also do not freeze well.

Why put cookies in freezer before baking? ›

Cool down your dough for a tastier, chewier cookie.

As little as 30 minutes in your fridge or freezer can help your cookie brown better, spread less, and develop a richer chewy texture. There's a few reasons why, but one important part is it gives the butter in your dough a chance to firm up before baking.

Can you freeze cookies that have powdered sugar on them? ›

You can freeze classic Christmas cookies that get coated in powdered sugar (like Russian Tea Cakes) but it is best to freeze them before baking and coating. Form the cookies and then place on a parchment lined baking sheet and freeze until solid.

What does putting cookie dough in the freezer do? ›

It's to solidify the fat in the dough, so the cookies won't spread too far during baking, and to ensure the cookies end up soft and tender. It would be a sad day when those cute sugar cookies you just cut into pretty snowflakes turn into one large, buttery blob in the oven.

Can I freeze cookie dough with eggs? ›

When you ask about freezing cookie dough, the short answer is, of course, a resounding yes!

How long to put cookie dough in freezer instead of fridge? ›

Chill the cookie dough balls in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Place the solid and cold cookie dough balls into a labeled zipped-top bag– large or small depending on how much dough you have. Label the bag with the month and the baking temperature and place the bag in the freezer. Freeze cookie dough for up to 3 months.

Will cookies harden as they cool? ›

The action doesn't stop when your cookies come out of the oven. As they cool, the liquified sugars cool and harden, producing crisp bottoms and edges, and the air inside cools, causing the cookie to deflate slightly.

How do you know when chocolate chip cookies are done? ›

How to Tell When Chocolate Chip Cookies Are Done. Chocolate chip cookies are done when they have a firm golden edge or bottom and appear slightly set on top. If the edges become dark brown, they are overbaked. If edges aren't golden and tops are soft and shiny, bake a little longer.

Does the Toothpick test work for cookies? ›

Testing for Moisture

The texture of the toothpick can give you an idea of how much moisture is left in your treat. If the toothpick comes out clean, your baked goods are ready to go. If there are still some wet crumbs or batter stuck to the toothpick, your treat needs a few more minutes in the oven.

How long does New York cookies last? ›

Once baked, these will last for 4-5+ days!

How long should cookies cool on cooling rack? ›

However, as we all know, warm cookies are a wonderful thing. So, let your cookies cool just until they hold their shape (generally after about 5 minutes on a cookie cooling rack) and savor them warm while you can.

How long do you leave cookies on a baking sheet? ›

For chewy cookies, allow them to cool on the baking sheet for 3 to 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. For crispier cookies, let cookies cool for one minute on the baking sheet before transferring to a cooling rack.

What is the golden rule in baking cookies? ›

"My golden rule for baking is make it cold and bake it hot," she said. Use Grated Butter for Flakey Crust.

Is it better to bake cookies at 325 or 350? ›

Q: Is it better to cook cookies on 325 or 350? A: Both 325 and 350 are great temperatures for baking cookies. The main difference is that cookies baked at 325 degrees will be softer and more chewy, while cookies baked at 350 degrees will be crispy around the edges but still soft in the center.

Can you put cookies back in the oven after they have cooled? ›

You can always return cookies to the oven if they need a few more minutes. You can even rebake cookies long after they're cool to restore crispness or freshness.

What is the best temperature to bake cookies? ›

350° is the standard temp for a cookie, and it's a great one. Your cookies will bake evenly and the outside will be done at the same time as the inside. Baking at 325° also results in an evenly baked cookie, but the slower cooking will help yield a chewier cookie.

What can I use instead of a toothpick to check? ›

If you're in the middle of making, say, your best-ever chocolate cake and you don't have a toothpick to check cake doneness, a thin, sharp knife is our Test Kitchen's favorite workaround. Look at your knife set and find the one with the thinnest blade. Then insert the blade into the center of the cake.

What temperature do you bake cookies? ›

Bake at 375 degrees F until golden and tender, 12 to 15 minutes. For crispy-cakey cookies: Bake the cookies at 425 degrees F until golden and crunchy on the outside, 8 to 10 minutes. For chewy cookies: Use 1 cup light brown sugar and 1/4 cup corn syrup and omit the granulated sugar.

Can I store cookies in Ziploc bags? ›

To keep chewy cookies from turning dry and brittle, store them in a zipper-lock bag at room temperature with a small piece of bread (no more than half of a slice) placed inside.

Should you store cookies in the fridge? ›

Bakery or homemade cookies can be stored at room temperature two to three weeks or two months in the refrigerator. Cookies retain their quality when stored in the freezer for eight to 12 months. Moist bars, such as cheesecake and lemon bars, can be refrigerated for seven days.


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